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Lesson 23, Quiz 10
I have = I got = I have got!

Level: Pre-Intermediate
Watch the regular video, then tap the "Start" button to begin the quiz.

Watch the video with subtitles after doing the quiz.

Craig - 23.10

Read the video transcript after doing the quiz.

Interviewer: What have you got in your briefcase?
Craig: What do I have in my... ? Oh, just some work papers, a dictaphone, uhm.. some papers here... things (about) my company,

            a map to find my way around London, my plane tickets, some Valentine cards I never sent to my...
Interviewer: Where's your, uh, dictaphone?
Craig: Where's my dictaphone? Well, it's in here someplace.  Where's my dictaphone? Here it is!  There. OK?
Interviewer: Great.