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1 - Use Landscape Mode

2 - How to Do the Quizzes

3 - Organization

4 - Navigation

5 - Pedagogical Tips

6 - Missing Lessons?

7 - Compatible Browsers for iPhones

1 - What's the best way to view this mobile site?
Use Landscape Mode on your smartphone, not Portrait view.

Some browser/OS combinations require you to force landscape view. The best site I have found on this subject for the iPhone is here:

Avoid this:

Wrong View

Instructions for the iPhone in Lanscape Mode (this is not necessary for Android & Windows phones):

Go to Settings General. Scroll to the bottom. Choose "Accessibility". Scroll to the bottom again.

► Turn on Assistive Touch. A new icon is now on your screen. It's easy to learn how to use it to change views:

Tap this new icon on your iPhone. Then tap Device, then tap "Rotate Screen". Finally, choose left or right, whichever you prefer. Both result in Landscape Mode. That's it!

Follow the directions above, or go to for more help.

Note that the "correct view" below will only appear to be correct if you are already in Landscape Mode!

Correct View
Correct View

2 - How to do a Quiz

- Tap on "Start" to begin a quiz.

- SCROLL DOWN in the Quiz to see all the questions and pictures in the Quiz.

Follow the Instructions.

General site organization

3 - How is Real English® Organized?
There are two basic parts:
3a - Main Lesson Pages for each video.
Here you find 2 or 3 versions of the complete
video for each lesson:
regular video,

video with subtitles,

and you will often find a 3rd version with vocabulary pictures, but without subtitles.


3b - Quiz pages
i: On the quiz pages, each video is very short
(usually only one or 2 interviews from the main video)
with a quiz about this short video.

ii: after starting a quiz on the iPhone,
the image might be too large. To get back to normal size,

you can  →pinch←  your screen, or simply tap on it:

Pinch is the opposite of zoom!
"→Pinch←" is the opposite of "←zoom→".

"Pinch" is the opposite of zoom: press and drag two fingers toward each other.

Finally, don't forget to scroll down after you begin a quiz!

4 - How to navigate?

There are several ways. Here is one way. Look at these pictures.
In this example, you want to go to the "Are you married?" lesson in Level 2. First tap on "More" to see the other Levels. Then tap on L-2 (Level 2 - Intermediate).

Tap on 11-Married? for the Main Videos
(Regular video and Subtitled videos) in Lesson 11.

Tap on "Quiz 11.1" to see the first dialogue in this lesson.
This is the short video of our interview with Kitty,
with a quiz about our conversation with Kitty only.

It's really easy to navigate. This long explanation

is probably not necessary.

5 - Pedagogical Tips
1 - First, watch the video on a
main lesson page, several times.
2 - Then, do the quizzes.
3 - Finally, go back to the main lesson page
and watch the video with subtitles.
If you watch and listen many times without subtitles, your pronunciation will be much better!

6 - Missing Lessons?
Why are some lessons missing? For example,
you jump from lesson 32 to 34. Where is lesson 33 ?
Answer: They are not missing. You will find lesson 33, for example;
in the "Extras" section. (The Extras section is coming soon !).
It is organized this way in order to have the exact same
numbering system as on
the traditional Real English® website,

for students who work both on a computer and on their mobile devices.

7 - Best Browsers for the Quizzes
These browsers work very well on the iPhone: Safari, Chrome, Smart Surfing (Trend Micro).

The following browsers are not fully compatible with the quizzes on the iPhone:
Opera Mini, Mercury, Atomic.

Any information about Quiz/Browser compatibility issues with
Android devices greatly appreciated! :

This FAQ will grow as you ask your questions.
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