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Real English ®  Lesson 57
Three Interviews using the Present Perfect
and Present Perfect Continuous

Video Transcript below.
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Lesson 57 Video Transcript

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Interviewer: Hi. What are you doing?

Betty Jean: Uh, I'm juggling.

Interviewer: How long have you been juggling today? (present perfect continuous)

Betty Jean: Uhm, about 10 minutes.

Interviewer: Do you always juggle here?

Betty Jean: No, I very rarely juggle here.


Superimposed text: "Have been" and "Did"

Interviewer: And, uh, have you ever travelled abroad?

Superimposed text: "Yes, I have."

Interviewer: Where have you been?

Marie Louise: We've been to England, France, Italy, Germany,

AL: Austria

Marie Louise: Austria, Switzerland.

Interviewer: And what was your favorite place in Europe?

Marie Louise: The most comfortable place for us to visit was England, because there's no language barrier.


Interviewer:  What is your name?

Minda: Minda Lake.

Interviewer: Would you spell that for me?

Minda: Yes. It's M – I – N – D – A ---- L – A – K – E.

Interviewer: And what are you doing right now?

Minda:  I am on my way back to work, from lunch.

Interviewer: Where do you live?

Minda: I live in Bayside, Queens.

Interviewer: And where do you work?

Minda: I work right here at 114 West 47th Street in New York.

Interviewer: How long does it take you to get to work?

Minda: It takes me about 1 hour.

Interviewer: And how do you get to work?

Minda: I take an express bus to work.

Interviewer: Great. When were you born?

Minda: I was born on November 22nd,1956.

Interviewer: Great. And what have you been doing in the city today?

Minda: I have been working for most of the day. I just had lunch with some of my coworkers, and we ate pizza.

Interviewer: Very nice. Have you been to Europe? (present perfect!)

Minda: Yes, I have. (present perfect!)

Interviewer: What are you going to do tonight?

Minda: Tonight… I'm doing laundry…

Interviewer: That's good.

Minda: and helping my, and helping my husband put up the track lighting in our new apartment.

Interviewer: Terrific. What are you going to do on your next holiday?

Minda: Uhm, hopefully go back to France, because we loved it so much the first time.

Interviewer: Wonderful. They're going to love to hear that…

Minda: I'm sure.

Interviewer: What do you like to do for fun?

Minda: Uhm, I like to go to movies, concerts, out to dinner, socialize with friends and family.

Interviewer: Terrific. Can you play any musical instruments?

Minda: I can play the piano.

Interviewer: Very nice. What time is it?

Minda: What time is it?

Interviewer: Uh-huh.

Minda: It is almost 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

Interviewer: And what's the weather like today?

Minda: The weather is beautiful today. It's a little cool, it's dry, andit's a little breezy and sunny.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for your time. That was excellent. You're wonderful. Thank you very much.

Minda: My pleasure.

Interviewer: Bye bye.

Minda: Bye bye.

Interviewer: Bye bye.

Minda: Say "hello" to Marseille.

Interviewer: Ah hah. You bet. She said "Say hello to Marseille."

: Before beginning her interview, we told Minda that our language school (The Marzio School, the creator of Real English®), is located near Marseille, France.