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Real English ®  Lesson 52
The Present Perfect with "For" & "Since"
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Real English® Video Transcript # 52
Johnny and Noelle-Christine Brazil

Int: Where are you from?
Johnny: I'm from Memphis, Tennessee, originally.
Int: And where are YOU from?
Noelle-Christine: Dallas, Texas.

Int: What did you do yesterday?
Johnny: I got married!
Int: Oh, uh, I thought you got married today.
Johnny: No, yesterday.
Int: O.K.!
We've been married exactly 24hours.
Int: Great!

Int: Where did you get married?
Johnny: We got married at the oldest church in New York City. It's called First Baptist.

Int: What have you done this morning?
Noelle-Christine: Uhm... woke up, and, eh, woke up as a married woman. Woke up a married woman.
Int: Did that feel good?
Noelle-Christine: Oh, it felt wonderful. My mother called me this morning and said: "Good morning, Mrs. Brazil". It was so exciting. I was "a Mrs.".

Int: Now introduce usto your lovely bride.
Johnny: This is Noelle-Christine Brazil, now.