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Real English ®  Lesson 48
Introduction to the Present Perfect
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RealEnglish Video Transcript Video # 48
Introduction to the Present Perfect Jim & Robin and Ann

Interviewer: Where were you born?
Robin: In New York City.
Jim: Oklahoma City.
Interviewer: And was that a long time ago?
Jim: It was for me. 1949.
Robin: Never ask a lady her weight, her birth date,or her shoe size.
Interviewer: Fair enough.

Interviewer: Were you good at school?
Jim: Yes, I was good at school.
Robin (interrupting): Yes, he was, yes. He's a really smart guy. He's alawyer.

Interviewer: What did you do yesterday?
Robin: Yesterday, I studied medieval misogyny in French lyric poetry, andthen we had some lunch.

Interviewer: Apart from New York, tellme one other town that you've lived in.
Jim: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Robin: Paris, France.
Interviewer: When did you live in Paris?
Robin: In 1990.
Interviewer: Cool.
Robin: Yeah.

On screen text: "Has anything strange ever happened to you?".
Robin: I think it's really strange that we met.
Interviewer: Well, how did you meet?
Robin: We're not telling.
Interviewer: Fair enough. You don't have to.

Interviewer: How long have you known each other?
Jim: Uh, 5 years? 4 years?
Robin: Four years. That was good.
Jim: I was close.

Interviewer: What do you hope to achieve before youdie?
Robin: Old age?


Interviewer: What have you done this morning?

Ann: We have shopped

Interviewer: Great.

Ann: That's about…(it). Walked and shopped.

Interviewer: OK. What did you do yesterday?

Ann: Oh, we did wonderful things yesterday. We went to Ellis Island. We went to the Statue of Liberty.