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Real English ®  Lesson 43
The Simple Past I - "Did" for Beginners
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Interviewer: Hi. What's your name?
Marty: I'm Marty.
Interviewer: And who's your friend, here, Marty?
Marty: Ashley, my daughter. 

Question on screen: Why did Marty bring Ashley to New York City? 

Marty: She's 12 years old today, and I brought her to New York for her  
Interviewer: Happy birthday!
Ashley: Thanks.
Marty: And we're from Kentucky, which is a state here in the United  

Question on screen: Where are they going? 

Interviewer: What are you doing after this interview?
Marty: Going down to the Empire State Building, and then to the Statue of  
Interviewer: Thank you very much for talking. Bye bye.
Marty and Ashley: Bye.
Cameraman: Bye.